St. Augustine Historical Society, Founded 1979

A Tri–Centennial National Parish Homecoming on Isle Brevelle

November 8, 2014

The St. Augustine Historical Society (SAHS) proudly sponsors this Natchitoches Tri- Centennial event hosting rare tours and a parish celebration of Faith, Heritage and History !

Between 9 am and 4 pm - tour and explore over a dozen SAHS-designated “Treasures of the Isle” and other area attractions like Melrose & Magnolia plantations. 

At 5pm - the parish community will gather together at the historic St. Augustine Catholic Church for a traditional Catholic Mass by our Pastor and spiritual leader, Father Thomas Paul. The Church was recently placed on the National Register as a traditional cultural center, beginning as a plantation chapel in 1803 on the property of founder and patriarch, Nicolas Augustin Metoyer (1768 – 1856). 

At 6 pm, the community and guests will enjoy a “homecoming celebration” in the parish hall featuring traditional foods and entertainment.


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SAHS & NGFHF are similar in an important mission to save the treasure of significance to creole heritage.    

After a scientific expert analysis (video on Facebook page), both organizations are working concurrently to preserve an icon of creole heritage - the tomb of "Grandpere" Augustin Metoyer.

The goal is to raise  over $25,000 - to immediately save the tomb from callapse, to provode on-going proper care and maintence of the tomb, to historical mark the site as a place of cultural and historic significance, as well as to pay legal fees necessary to restore and sustain the success of any non-profit organizational in meeting state and federal requirements. (Further explanations found on Facebook) 

You may help preserve this icon and the healthy and viability of the orgabnization that looks out for it and depends on your trust and financial support.   

Rescue and sustain the tomb as a place of honor and cultural significance.  The tomb is the visible centerpiece of the Church's cemetary - the resting place of the patriarchal founder of the church & parish community dating as a place of worship, a chapel, on his planation in 1803. 

NGFHF now has a fund to direct your tax deductible donations specifically to this cause.  Make a tax-deductible donation to NGFHF !  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

*  For Donors to this cause, NGFHF is an option if you desire tax exemption for tax purposes.  In 2010, the tax exempt status of SAHS was revoke.  The new Board, kicked in 2013, discovered the fact in early 2014 and took immediately action to inform others and engage legal experts regaining the tax-exempt status for donors our non-profit causes. 

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As part of Louisiana's Tri-centennial events, the St Augustine Historical Society (SAHS) is pleased to sponsor a celebration of "Grandpere" Nicolas Augustin Metoyer (Jan. 22, 1768 - Dec. 19, 1856) - the Founder of St. Augustine Catholic church and parish community. The celebration starts in the afternoon of Sat. Jan 11th on the church grounds and will include tours, commemorative items, a historic reenactment, a traditional Catholic Mass at 5pm by Father Thomas Paul, and then Grandpere's Birthday Party in the parish hall with great traditional foods, a cake, a dance, and much more!!!  DOWNLOAD FLYER UNDER "EVENTS"


  NGFHF Supported...
The FIRST Grandpere's French Market - Oct 12, 2013
"preserving history and heritage"
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