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On behalf of the parish community of St. Augustine Catholic Church, welcome to the historic Isle Brevelle!

SAHS is a non-profit, tax exempt (pending as of Feb 15, 2014) organization with a mission to preserve the history and heritage of Isle Brevelle - a community centered by church built in 1803 by remarkable and historic ancestors.  After numerous historical items left the community, SAHS was formed in 1979 to preserve and protect a historically valuable structure, the Badin-Roque House, from either destruction or leaving Isle Brevelle.  Since that time, there are many historic treasures needing to be restored and preservation for future generations to come.  


Get Involved !!! Contribute and participate in a variety of initiatives to preserve the unique and remarkable history and heritage of St. Augustine's parish ! SEE PROJECTS


CONTACT US! It would be a joy to guide you through the history, heritage, and local creole culture in one of the oldest Creole communities in the United States.  Enjoy a family environment and the warm, rural Creole culture along the Cane River - a peaceful, historic, and spiritual environment!




Mark Guidry




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