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Christmas Downriver Events (2004)
CLICK HERE for info submitted by Dustin Fuqua (10/24/2013) - An annual event of the Christmas Downriver events, the Christmas Lighting Display Contest was originally sponsored by the SAHS via Mr. Terrel Delphin while he was a Commissioner of the Cane River National Heritage Area.  The judges consisted of the SAHS reps Mr. Terrel and Oswald Colson, myself via park and Jean Carter via CRNHA, and at least one rotating scholar/preservationist.  It was a lot of fun - Mr. Terrel would stop and politiqué at folks' homes; people like Mrs. Vera would host the judges and have tea cakes, pralines, etc.  And of course Badin-Roque House was the launch point where a number of beverages and bathroom breaks would occur.... The contest involves spreading the word that there is in fact a contest to the Cane River community, via newspaper, web, posters, etc.  The awards have names like "The Zizi" and tokens of appreciation and a Natchitoches Times article.  It gives visitors a great opportunity to see the Cane River community at nighttime and makes a good fellowship sort of activity.  (Tentatively Scheduled for Dec 21st 2014)
FIRST Grandpere's French Market & Tours at Badin-Roque (Sat Oct 12, 2013; 9 - 4p)
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