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February 15, 2014

SAHS is committed to being open and transparent about the status of the organization and to maintain credibility with the public, members, and donors. As such, we want to promptly inform you about the status of the organization and our commitment to urgent projects that need attention.

The organization was dormant for several years before 2013. 

In 2013, it was reactivated with new officers and a new board of directors. In 2013, after much work and expense, SAHS regained a good standing with the State of Louisiana, as a non-profit, by updating its charter and filing previously delinquent reports.

While SAHS remains in good standing with the State as a non-profit organization, it has recently come to our attention that its federal IRS tax exempt status was revoked almost 4 years ago (in 2010) for three prior years of not filing an informational form with the IRS. None of our current officers or board of directors were aware of this until it was inadvertently discovered by Dawn Carmouche while researching IRS tax deduction requirements regarding our 2013 donations.

The Executive Committee met on February 15th to discuss this new information. Although the cost to do so will be significant, all officers are 100% committed to regaining the tax exempt status lost in 2010, so that donors will have the option of a tax deduction as allowed by law. 

Now, more than ever, we need your continued financial support to keep this organization in good standing with both the State and the Federal IRS. 

While we pursue tax exemption with qualified attorneys and must wait for that outcome, we have partnered with the National Grand Family Heritage Foundation (NGFHF) - both a non-profit and tax exempt organization - to establish a fund for the “25 for a Thousand” fundraising campaign to save Grandpere’s Tomb from collapse and acquire a historical marker for the tomb. Donors to the Grandpere Tomb fund will now have the option of donating to that NGFHF fund which will be fully tax deductible. SEE

We take seriously your trust and your continued support of a special and historic organization that is here for a most worthy cause. If you have any questions, please contact us.  We are committed to our worthy mission to preserve the history and heritage of St. Augustine parish community along Isle Brevelle.

Dr. Mark Guidry, President
Tommy Roque, Sr., Vice President
Vera Severin, Treasurer
Kathie Roque, Secretary

SAHS Celebrates Grandpere Jan 11 2014

January 6, 2014



As part of the Louisiana’s Tri-centennial events, the St. Augustine Historical Society (SAHS) is proud to host a birthday celebration on Saturday, January 11, 2014, in honor of its Founder and Patriarch, “Grandpere,” Nicolas Augustin Metoyer (Jan. 22, 1768 - Dec. 19, 1856).

Starting at 2 pm at St. Augustine Catholic Church on Isle Brevelle, are a host of celebratory activities, including guided tours & exhibits, a historic reenactment on the Life & Legacy of Grandpere (3:30 pm), a traditional Catholic Mass by Father Thomas Paul (5 pm), and a celebration program (6 pm) in the parish hall.  The celebration includes a cake-cutting ceremony, a birthday toast, dance party, and a tribute to those who have carried Grandpere’s torch over the years.

Grandpere was a highly respected and visionary leader.  Son of a Frenchman and a former slave, he lived in Louisiana’s earliest French-Creole world, under a transition of French, Spanish, and American governments influencing the social and cultural development of the community.  Born 246 years ago, this accomplished man, was a devout Catholic who witnessed his life’s dream-come-true in a parish community for his people and others.   He died before the onset of the Civil War, at the age of 88, and his tomb sits behind the church.

Since his death, many historic structures and artifacts were lost to the community.  His plantation was lost to a fire, and the Roque House was relocated to Natchitoches.   The only remaining structure from Grandpere’s property is the Badin-Roque House (circa 1770), which was once used as a convent and school.  One of a kind in Louisiana, the Badin-Roque House represents Grandpere’s legacy, history, and heritage.  It has been owned and operated by the SAHS since 1979.  

Beginning with Grandpere’s vision and a plantation chapel of 1803, a legacy of faith and heritage has survived for over 200 years!  Over those years, many have carried Grandpere’s torch, and on January 11th, the SAHS will recognize such founding members:  Father Smith, Sonny Jones, Earl Roque, Larry Balthazar, Mickey Moran, Frances S. Balthazar, Maxine L. Rachal, James Sarpy, Lair Lacour, Tommy Roque, Myra Friedman, Marie Roque, Gloria Jones, Collins Roque, Mike Roque, Elizabeth Metoyer, Terrel Delphin, Lillie Delphin, Edward Antee, & Gertrude Chelette.

SAHS is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization preserving the history & heritage of St. Augustine's parish community of Isle Brevelle, as established by Grandpere.

In early 2013, after a period of dormancy, the organization was reactivated at the suggestion of Dr. Pete Gregory, Acting Director of the NSU Creole Heritage Center, and the support of St. Augustine parishioners, Thomas (Tommy) Roque, Sr., Vera Severin, Willie Metoyer, Mary Frances Jones, Anasthasia Christophe, & Anita Metoyer Evans.  With reactivation came the following newly elected officers: Dr. Harlan “Mark” Guidry, President; Tommy Roque, Vice President; Vera Severin, Treasurer; and Kathie Sarpy Roque, Secretary.  The new board of directors includes 15 voting members who are descendants of Grandpere and/or parishioners of St. Augustine Catholic Church at Isle Brevelle.   In addition, there are four (4) professional advisory members and a spiritual director, Father Thomas Paul.

By the end of 2013, the organization had acquired a good standing with Louisiana Secretary of State; updated its charter; established a bank account; assumed responsibility for Badin-Roque House; established a new venue called “Grandpere’s French Market;” and kicked off its 2013-2014 membership campaign.   Additionally, SAHS was awarded Natchitoches Tri-centennial funds to assist with some of its upcoming events promoting Louisiana's cultural heritage in all of its dimensions.

SAHS will continue to carry Grandpere’s torch and welcomes all to join the preservation cause. Current priorities include restoring Grandpere's tomb; evaluating the condition of his 1836 portrait, and preserving the Badin-Roque House.

According to SAHS President, Dr. Mark Guidry, “It’s an honor to serve a historical society which preserves a unique faith-based community and a legacy that links to Louisiana's first settlement.  A remarkable chain of events led to our founder & patriarch, Grandpere Augustin.  He had great vision, generosity, and moral character.   Because of him, a plantation chapel of 1803 transformed, over 200 years later, into the treasured church and parish community that still exist today.” 

Come experience the Isle, the Parish, and the People!  Grandpere is calling his people home to celebrate and enjoy the treasures of Isle Brevelle.  STAY TUNED for "Grandpere’s French Market” in October and a National Parish Homecoming in November.  For more information:

[For more information about this press release, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 409-656-4651.] 


Badin One of A Kind!

August 23, 2013
News from SAHS Board -
BADIN-ROQUE: One of a Kind in Louisiana!

Our vision and prayers are that it will be here preserved by the local community, in hands of the local community, for all our future generations to come!!!

At the Badin-Roque, the SAHS Board of Directors will host a new event, "GRANDPERE'S FRENCH MARKET" on the Saturday of the Church Fair.... There will be opportunities for tours, purc...hasing "locally-made" arts and craft items for tourists, donations, memberships, and more!

The Badin-Roque, another treasure in the history of the church, was once a convent, school, residence, and more - for more than two hundred years! ... There are still many fond memories among our senior residents of the Isle. It is located on what was once the property of Grandpere Augustin Metoyer and is believed to be the last remaining structure on all of his plantation grounds. Thus, the house is key to preserving our history and heritage.

The new venue adds to the gumbo of local Church Fair activities, complimentary to the fun and tasty annual Church Fair and the Natchitoches area tourism weekend.

Let's unite in helping preserve a tremendously valuable structure in the "mother community" of our heritage

Suggestions? Exhibits? Stories?  Contact us to join in the cause - donors, vendors, guidelines, set-up operations, parking, supplies (tents/tables/?), ? Please, LIKE/SHARE our facebook page for updates/info on future Tri-centennial (2014) events, memberships and tax-exempt donations, upcoming website, fundraising ideas, etc !

"One of a kind" in Louisiana...

The Venerable Henriette Delille

September 2013
SAHA Recognized the Venerable Henriette Delille

Researchers have informed us that the Sarpy families of Isle Brevelle are the relatives of Henriette Delille - a family name which originated out of early New Orleans!  The parish community and the Sisters of the Holy Family have been closely affiliated for many years and over the years, several Isle Brevelle residents have become Sisters of the Holy Family.  The St. Augustine parish community has sponsored several events recognizing Henriettre Delille's honorable life and current cause for canonization, including a historical reenactment in 2007.  A plaque in her honor can be found in the Memorial Hall of St. Augustine along with the portrait of founder, Augustin Metoyer.

On Friday September 27, Sr. Doris Goudeaux, Sisters of the Holy Family, hosted an inaugural webinar/conference call  to unite all Friends of Venerable Henriette Delille groups around the country. If you care about this cause, do not miss out on this change to participate in this Catholic faith experience involving our beloved Mother Henriette. If you are interested in joining future webinars, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information!!!



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