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August 2018: 


SAHS VISION:  The property, history, & heritage of St. Augustine's parish community are forever maintained and preserved on Isle Brevelle for all future generations to study, learn, and become enriched with wonder and/or pride.

SAHS MISSION:  To preserve the history and heritage of the St. Augustine Catholic Church's parish community, Isle Brevelle.  In doing so, SAHS partners with heritage, academic, preservation, and other organizations & indivuals to seek funding from donations, memberships, grants, and enhanced tourism.

Priority projects & goals:

1. Repairing and restoring Grandpere Augustin Metoyer's tomb to an informative place of honor that illustrates its historical significance and community value.

2. Compiling and making available the history of St. Joseph's school

3. Maintain, Repair, restore, and enhance for tourism, "Louisiana's one of a kind," Badin-Roque House, which dates back to 1700's as a structure on Augustin Metoyer's plantation grounds.  It once served as a convent, school, and residence.

4. Acquire, mantain, and enhance a website for communications and documentation of SAHS-sponsored and promoted events.

5. Acquiring a suitable office for storing SAHS documents and selling frequently requested tourist items.


1. Open, honest, inclusive, and inviting.

2. Maintain good standing with state and federal agency rules and regulations governing non-profit organizations.

3. Invite the entire public to participate in the causes.

4, An attitude of life-long learning and discovery.

(to be continued...)


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